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  • SMD35MS
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  • Type: SMD35MS
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 1.Beautiful model, double layer hidden structure, excellent synchronization performance.
 2.The level of precision is adjustable, suitable for all kinds of high precision four wheel positioning instrument.
 3.Easy tire dismantling and chassis maintenance.
 4.The front wheel steering wheel can be adjusted, and the rear wheel can be extended.
 5.Pneumatic double tooth locking and anti explosion valve, automatic drop down.
 6.Unique sliding platform system, compact structure, can not dig the pit.
 7.High quality hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, the equipment is stable and reliable.

Technical data:
Lifting capacity    3.5T/4.0T/4.5T/5.5T
Max.lifting height   1850mm
Min.height    330mm
Lifting Capacity of Second Lift 3.5T/4.0T/4.5T/5.5T
Width 610/620mm
Length 4780/4980/5510mm
Width between platform 820/920mm
Motor power 2.2kw
Power supply 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH
Air supply   6-8kg/cm²
Weight 3760Lbs/1706kg

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