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  • SMD35M418
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  • Type: SMD35M418
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Ø Shear type hidden ultrathin flat plate structure, excellent synchronization performance.
Ø The level of accurate and adjustable, safe to meet the requirements of the four round of positioning.
Ø High quality hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, the equipment is stable and reliable.
Ø The front wheel steering wheel can be adjusted, and the rear wheel can be extended.
Ø Pneumatic double tooth locking and anti explosion valve, automatic opening, to ensure safety.
Ø Optional location or flat type.
Ø Using 24V voltage control, the operation is more safe.
Ø Equipped with two times the trolley guide rail, can be equipped with two lifting trolley.

Technical data
Lifting capacity 7716/8818/9920lbs.
Max.lifting height  1896mm
Min.height    180mm
Second Lifting Capacity 2.0T/4410lbs.
Second Lifting Height 375mm
Width 635mm
Length 4300/4500/5030mm
Width between platform 820/820/900mm
Motor power 2.2kw
Power supply 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH
Air supply 6-8kg/cm²
Weight  4180Lbs/1900kg

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