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Outside Size (mm) 7000×5200×3250(L*W*H)  Door size(mm):W3000*H2600
Inside Size  (mm) 6900×3900×2650 (L*W*H)  Total power:8KW
Wall panel Material: EPS insulation board
Frame: door frame is fixed with spurted plastic steel structure,and the outside frame is fixed with galvanized steel board
Basement galvanized steel board and cubic steel board, Totally made of steel grating
Air Circulation System Inlet Fan Blower capacity:  1000m3/h
Power:            3kw/set
Quantity:          2 sets
Air Volume: 20000m3/h; Air Speed: 0.3m/s, Air Recycling times:260times/h;
Purification System Ceiling Filter imports efficient three-dimensional spray glue cotton VF-600
Heating system BT14 diesel burner, 140000Kcal/h
SUS304 stainless steel heating exchanger, argon arc welding
Max. temp:80°C, heating time: 5-8min(20-60°C)
Fuel consumption:5-7kg/vehicle
Lighting System ceiling Light: upon-24pcs 36w Philips lamp
Control system Micro-computer programmed controlling, spray & baking switch, light switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm
Environmental System Multi-lagers fiberglass filter, active carbon

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