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  • SMD35F4
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  • Type: SMD35F4
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Ø Accurate positioning level is adjustable, ideal equipment for wheel alignment.
Ø Front wheel steering plate (optional parts) position adjustable, extended rear wheel slide, suitable for all types of vehicles.
Ø With work and anti broken rope double safety insurance,smooth and reliable.
Ø With second lift guide rails, optional second car lift is suitable.

Techanical data:
Lifting capacity  7716lbs/8818lbs(3.5T/4.0T)
Max.lifting height 1820/1896mm
Min.height 220/246mm
Second Lifting Capacity 2.0T/4409lbs
Second Lifting Height 375mm
Width 490mm
Length 5206/5747mm
Width between platform 800mm
Motor power 2.2kw
Power supply 380V/3PH or 220V/1PH
Air supply 6-8kg/cm²
Weight 2645Lbs/1200kg
Packing 4570/5100*560*730+820*340*360mm

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