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  • S-450-E
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  • Type: S450-E
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Outer dimension Inner dimension Door dimension Painting power Baking total power Voltage/Frequency
7000L*5200W*3370H 6900L*3900W*2650H 3000W*2600H 8.5KW 30KW As require
Heating ways By infrared lamps with 10 groups,each group with 3pcs 1.0KW lamp.Totally 30KW
Wall material Flame retardant 50mm EPS composite steel plate,sheet thickness of double 0.376mm,added to the 2 sides of the keel,improve the antipressure strength.
Front and Emergency door 4 manual stainless steel door.Frames are made of 1.2mm stainless steel titanium black metal processing and aluminum alloy hinge,both to ensure strength and beautiful atmosphere,observation window adopts the double-layer hollow 8mm thick tempered glass;work with special 2mm thick aluminum alloy hemming,to ensure both sealing and no deformation.
Roof board With 0.8mm thick zinc plated steel sheet,single layer.
Basement All around with welded 1.2mm zinc plated steel sheets,bearing bracket with welded 40*80*1.5mm zinc plated tubes,which can be antiseptic and durable.The ground grid is full of hot dip galvanized steel.2 rows of grid and 3 rows of diamond plates.2pcs 630mm width slope.
Lighting system LED lamps are energy saving and longer life time,8 groups at roof,each group 3*16W.
Inlet system With 2pcs centrifugal blowers,power 4KW,with SIEMENS air conditioner motor technology,direct drive,air volume:25000m³/H,rated air speed 0.3m/s,air changes 260 times/h.Aluminum frame,outer sealed by double board.
Exhaust system No motor in cabinet,zinc plated tube frame,outer sealed by single board.
Control system With lighting switch,painting switch,warm switch,baking temperature,time setting,urgent stop switch.All components are made of famous domestic brand.
Air purification Inlet with high grade fiberglass filter,which filtered dust larger than 10um,roof with EU5 CC-600G filter.TSP value≦1.4mg/m³.
Discharged air treatment No motor in cabinet,zinc plated tube frame,outer sealed by single board.
Dust standard features 3 straight tube,1 elbow tube.
Colors available Blue,orange,red,gray,white.
S-450 infrared lamps

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