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  • SMD30S
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  • Type: SMD30S
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v shear type hidden flat structure, take up less space.
v high-quality hydraulic, pneumatic and electric components, stable and reliable equipment.
v tires disassembly and chassis maintenance.
v pneumatic wide tooth self-locking and explosion-proof valve insurance device, safe and reliable.
v lifting a total height of 2.16 M, similar products in the highest lift, one-way platform length is adjustable, suitable for wide models. 

Technical data:
Lifting Capacity 6614lbs/7716lbs
Lifting Height 330-2160mm
Lifting Time 45seconds
Min Height   330mm
Extensible Length 100/300mm
Platform Width   548mm
Width between two platforms 930mm
Platform Length 1440mm
Motor Voltage  220V/380V
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Phase 1Ph/3Ph
Weight  1100Lbs/720kg

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