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  • SMD40PRO
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*Floor plate design is ideal choice for low ceiling shop
*By two cylinder ,plate and wire rope chain balances system,lifting off and landing smooth.
*Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device, can always adjust the rate of decline.
*Asymmetric column allows wider drive through clearance.
*Manual lock release from one side,more convenient to use.
*Take three stages arm design, a larger adjustment range, for different vehicle chassis.
*With 24V limit switch. 
*Rubber support pad with spiral adjust the height and in stages adjust the height, optional.
*Rubber pad door-opening protection.
*Have adopted 115% dynamic and 150% static loading tested.
*CE approved

Lifting capacity 4.0T
lifting height   1900mm
Minimum height   90mm
Overall Height   3766mm
Overall width   3440mm
Width Between Post 2800mm
Lifting Time     50s
Motor power    2.2kw
Power supply   380V/3PH or 220V/1PH
Weight     711kg/1567.5lb
Packing size   2900*530*770mm

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