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  • SM-DR
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  • Type: SMD-DR
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Inner dimension 6900*3900*2650mm
Outside dimension 8050*4000*2700mm
Front door 3 folds door,3000*2000mm(W*H),without frame,aluminium alloy window frame,orange color,door head and 2 batten on both sides white.
Emergency door 1 unit,650*1800mm(W*H),white.
Basement No steel basement,exhaust from back side.
Wall panel and roof Thickness:50mm,width 1150mm,tongue and groove structure,0.376mm color steel with EPS inside,white.
Lighting system Ceiling light:8 groups*4pcs 36W,with electronic ballasts,lighting boxes are powered coated.
Exhaust system Exhaust from the bottom of back side,1 unit centrifugal fan,4KW,model:YDW4.5L 1,air capacity:13000m³/H.
Heating system No
Purification system Pre-filter,fibreglass filter,activated carbon filter.
Control system Spraying,lighting switch,power supply switch,emergency stop.
Total power 5.5KW

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