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  • S-400-E painting booth
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  • Type: S400-E
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Outer dimension:(mm) Inner dimension:(mm) Door dimension:(mm) Total fan power Total baking  power Voltage/
7000L*5200W*3370H 6900L*3900W*2650H 3000W*2600H 8.4Kw 30Kw as require
Heating system By 10 sets of infrared lights,each set 3 pieces,1.0kw ,and total baking power:30kw.Lights boxes are inset in the wall.
Wall material 50mm EPS wall,steel thickness:0.376mm,Socket type assembling.
Roof material 0.7mm galvanized steel sheet.
Basement The whole basement is made of 1.2mm galvanized steel,top of basement is 2 rows of grills and 3 rows of diamond plate.All the materials are antiseptic and durable.
Ramps Two pieces of 630mm width ramps.
Lighting system Using 8 sets energy efficiency and longer life time than ordinary light. With 45°installation at inner side of roof.
Air intake system 2 sets fans,4 KW/set,air volume:24000m³/h;side draught and the air speed is 0.3m/s;air changes:260times/h. Galvanized steel structure and covered by steel board.
Air exhaust system (Optional)1 set of SIEMENS air conditioner technology fan ,5.5KW,air volume:15000m3/h, Galvanized steel structure and covered by steel board.
Control system Switch control: lighting,painting ,baking temperature,temperature setting,time setting,urgent stop.
Filter system Primary filtration: high grade fiberglass filter dust ≥10um in the inlet; secondary filtration: EU5CC-600G filters filter the dust ≥5um in the roof. TSP value≤1.4mg/m³.
Waste gas treatment (Optional)Primary treatment: under basement filters;
secondary treatment: activated carbon filters in the exhaust port.
Exhaust chimney 3 straight tube,1 elbow tube.
Available colors Blue,Orange,red grey white

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